Video cameras can be very expensive,but new Image Sensor from Interactive Security Solutions is very affordable. The image sensor takes pictures instead of video. The benefit of this technology is it does not require WiFi or power. The image sensor is battery powered and wireless. If the power goes out in your home, so do your cameras, unless you have a back up power source.The image sensor uses long lasting lithium batteries. With batteries, loss of power does not stop it from taking pictures of the burglars. The pictures are transmitted through the 4G wireless cellular network.This means you can use it virtually anyplace.
The new image sensor also has a peek in feature. This allows you to check in on your home or business from your smart phone or PC. If your away and want to check on the kids or your pets, just use the peek-in feature. Seeing a real time picture of your home is real peace of mind.
The Image Sensor is a breakthrough new product that enhances your ability to visually check in at your property. Whether it's day or night, you'll be able to know and see what's going on immediately.

Enhanced security

  • Advanced motion detector with Pet Immunity
  • On-board camera for motion-activated image capture
  • Night Vision LED flash captures images in the dark
  • Completely wireless – battery operated and no wires to run
  • Text and email motion alerts with image attached
Flexible image capture control
The Image Sensor is integrated into the system and allows you to customize what images get captured and when. You can get an alert with an image attached whenever there is an alarm so you can see who is in the property. You can also get an image captured and sent to you based on a system event, like whenever the door opens between 4 and 6 pm during the week so you can confirm your kids are home safely. Additionally, you have the flexibility to request an image on demand anytime. With simple to use controls, you get a view into your property on your terms.

Enhanced security

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